• V Series Diaphragm Compressor

1. Diaphragm compressor introduction:

     Diaphragm compressor is named for its special diaphragm, which separates the compressed gas from the outside

     environment. Diaphragm compressor is also called "membrane compressor".

      The function of gas cylinder is performed by a diaphragm chamber in a diaphragm compressor. The so-called diaphragm chamber is an empty chamber composed of dome contoured cylinder cover and perforated plate (or cylinder block), the periphery of the diaphragm is fastened between the cylinder cover and the perforated plate (or cylinder block). The volume of the diaphragm chamber changes accordingly when the diaphragm flexes up and down, which causes the suction and compression, hereby the diaphragm has the function of the piston in a diaphragm compressor. The closed chamber between the cylinder cover and the diaphragm is gas chamber, and the chamber between the perforated plate (or cylinder block) and the diaphragm is oil chamber.

      The compressed media doesn’t contact with the oil due to the diaphragm completely separate the gas chamber from the oil chamber, therefore the purity of the compressed media can be guaranteed due to no oil contamination. The gas chamber is composed of the contoured cover and the diaphragm, which is a closed chamber resulting in a good sealing performance. The gas doesn’t contact with any lubricant due to a good sealing performance and no lubrication for the gas chamber, therefore the purity of compressed gas is extremely high, and is especially  suitable for the compression, transportation or bottling of some precious and rare gases.

2. Diaphragm compressor characteristics: 

     The diaphragm compressor is a kind of reciprocating compressor with a special structure, big compression ratio and good sealing performance, the compressed gas can’t be contaminated by the lube oil and the other solid impurities, which is suitable for compressing gases with high purity, precious and rare, flammable and explosive, poisonous and harmful, corrosive and high pressure.

The main features of our diaphragm compressor are as follows:

1) The gas doesn’t contact with any medium, hereby is suitable for compressing the rare and high-purity gas.

2) With a good sealing performance and no leakage, the diaphragm compressor should be preferly chosen for compressing the poisonous and harmful, flammable and explosive and    specialty gas.

3) The curve of new type of diaphragm chamber improves the volume efficiency of the compressor, and hereby improves the service life of the consumables such as diaphragm and    gas valve.

4) The independent oil pump station with complete functions provide stable pressure, clean and quality and fully cooled lube oil for compressor lubrication and oil cylinder    operation.

5) The structure of whole machine is compact and reasonable, convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance, reliable and stable operation, small vibration and low 


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V Series Diaphragm Compressor

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