• Cryogenic Liquid Pump

Applicable media: LO2, LN2, LAr, etc

Main technical specification

Flow: 30-1600 l/h

Maximum outlet pressure: 16.5mpa ~20Mpa

Optional configuration

Variable frequency regulator

Overpressure interlock device

Safety valve/cryogenic stop valve

Outlet temperature interlock device

Temperature interlock device in pump

Performance and characteristics :

Classic design, stable performance, service life up to 20 years

High vacuum jacket pump head, vacuum up to 10-5 torr, low cold loss

Reliable seal, real material life up to 150,000 bottles, piston ring life up to 300,000 bottles

Easy maintenance, regular maintenance only two hours

It can run continuously 24 hours a day

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Cryogenic Liquid Pump

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