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It’s divided into two types: air-temperature carburetor and water-bath carburetor, we can manufacture various specification carburetor according to the customer’s requirements.

Working medium: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.

Working pressure: 3.0mpa - 16.5mpa

Design temperature: -196℃ ~ 40℃

Vapor volume flow: 50m3N/h ~ 2000m3N/h

Application of air-temperature carburetor:

The carburetor is suitable for aluminum star-finned tube air heating carburetor whose medium is oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquefied natural gas and other cryogenic liquefied gases, the liquid vaporizes into a gas and enters the required gas point for use.


The air-temperature carburetor is a high efficiency and energy saving product, compared with the water bath type electric heating carburetor and steam heating water bath carburetor, which can save a lot of electricity and steam.

The structure features of the carburetor can ensure the normal working pressure of each component under cryogenic temperature, avoid sealing freezing, good sealing performance, safety, reliability, non-corrosive, long service life and other characteristics.

The carburetor has compact structure, uniform arrangement, neat, beautiful and generous, and the finned tube adopts large finned tube.

The welds of all parts of the carburetor are tig welded, the welds are neat, beautiful, there is no defect such as welding undercut and air hole.

The carburetor is strictly cleaned before delivery, oil and grease are removed, water pressure test and air tightness test are conducted to ensure there is no leakage phenomenon, all parts are blown dry with dry nitrogen gas after pressure test. The carburetor adopts popular frameless structure.

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