• Sulfuric Acid Purification And Neutralization System

After cooling and pretreatment, acetylene gas enters the first purification tower. The first tower uses the dilute sulfuric acid used in the second tower, with a concentration of 70%-80%. It mainly reduces the water in acetylene gas, plays a drying role and removes some impurities. Acetylene gas then enters the second purification tower (main purification tower), containing a concentration of 85-97% sulfuric acid, its role is to reduce the content of phosphine and other impurities; Then it enters the third tower and neutralizes the lye (concentration of 4%-8%) to make the acid in acetylene become soluble salt and remove. Sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions driven by corrosion-resistant pumps are used to spray the acetylene gas. Acetylene gas can enter the compression system after passing through the filter to ensure the cleanliness of the compressor inlet. The purification tower is filled with polypropylene saddle corrugated packing to increase the gas-liquid contact area.

Features: good gas purification effect, large amount of treated gas, long replacement period of purification liquid

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Sulfuric Acid Purification And Neutralization System

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