• Open Acetylene Generator

The open type acetylene generator is suitable for large calcium carbide, the calcium carbide with granularity under 200mm is put into the bucket, which is lifted by the explosion-proof electric hoist and then fed by hand or belt conveyor. The calcium carbide enters into the acetylene generator from the top of hopper via water, the calcium carbide uniformly distributed on the grid plate via distributor react with water to generate acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide. The acetylene gas washed and cooled by the scrubber with spraying water is led into the low pressure system under the effect of water seal of the hopper and the overflow pipe, while the produced calcium hydroxide is deposited at the bottom of the generator cone and discharged into the slag pond through the slag discharging pipe after a certain period of time. The gas output from the different type of open acetylene generator is between 80~300m3/h.

Product features:
1. Wide range of granularity of raw calcium carbide: larger calcium carbide can also be used for this kind of acetylene generator. The granularity between 200mm~500mm is    suitable and the granularity under 50mm can also be used. The crusher and the dust remover are not needed because the calcium carbide is not needed to be crushed..
2. Guaranteed safety production: The acetylene generator is integrated with scrubbing tower and safety water seal, the acetylene gas is washed and cooled to be a cleaner gas,    which can’t block the piping and valves for safety production. The center hopper is regarded as a safety water seal, once the overpressure of the acetylene generator exceeds    the height of the water seal of center hopper, the acetylene gas will be discharged automatically from the hopper to the outdoor through the discharge piping, hereby it is    faster than the general safety water seal for the pressure relief, and the safety operation of the acetylene generator can be guaranteed.
3. Higher purity and calcium carbide efficiency: The nitrogen replacement is not needed for the open type acetylene generator during material feeding, the purity of acetylene    gas is higher, generally up to 99%. The loss of the particles and the powder of calcium carbide is reduced due to no crushing is needed, thereby the calcium carbide    efficiency is improved.
4. Simple structure and the low cost of the equipment and the operation: the structure of the open type acetylene generator is simple, the investment for the equipment is    reduced greatly due to no transmission equipment and auxiliary motor, air compressor and crusher and dust remover. The single acetylene generator can be designed regardless    of the scale for this kind of acetylene generator, thereby the operator and the operation cost can be reduced.
5. The open type acetylene generator can be used in combination with automatic and manual slag discharging or respectively, the manual slag discharging can be used every 8    hours, which doesn’t impact the working condition of generator, the automatic slag discharging can be used continuously during the normal operation of acetylene generator,    which doesn’t impact the effect of acetylene generator. The leakage of acetylene gas can’t happen during automatic or manual slag discharging.
6. One nitrogen replacement is carried our during the start-up of the open type acetylene generator, with less nitrogen consumption and less acetylene gas waste, 3%~5% of the    cost saving can be achieved during the start-up.

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Open Acetylene Generator

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