• Heatless  Regeneration Molecular Sieve High Pressure Dryer

1.The molecular sieve high-pressure dryer has the technical advantage of high safety performance, high working efficiency, small acetylene loss and long service life stuffing    compliant to the national capacity standard. Use the molecular sieve as the stuffing, automatic control, unmanned operation and no need to replace the stuffing for a long    time. Safe and reliable due to the installation of safety valve, a water separator for gas recovering is installed to separate the gas and water for recovering the gas to the    gas tank. The equipment and piping are always under safety state due to the check valve, stop valve, fire arrester and safety valve being installed between each single    machines
  1)The strength design of the adsorption vessel of the dryer is calculated according to the explosion pressure of acetylene decomposition, therefore the vessel is still safe      even if the acetylene in the vessel produces decomposition explosion.
  2)The adsorption vessel is full of molecular sieve desiccant, while the molecular sieve will not sink in the process of use, therefore there will be no empty volume in the      vessel to produce explosion and shocking.
  3)The operation of the device is automatically switched by the control system, therefore the operation is simple and the degree of automation is high;
  1)Good drying effect, and 0.2g/m3 below can be achieved under normal working condition.
  2)The stuffing will not sink, the empty volume will not occur in the upper part, moreover short switching period, small designed volume and good safety performance.
  3)Big drying capacity, and 80~160m3/h of capacity can achieved.
  4)Convenient operation, no need to replace the desiccant frequently or regenerating the desiccant manually, the regeneration will be finished by the automatic switching.
  5)Long replacing period for the desiccant, generally one times/ 2years

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Heatless Regeneration Molecular Sieve High Pressure Dryer

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