• Closed Acetylene Generator

1. Low pressure calcium carbide water entry type main and auxiliary generators (electromagnetic vibration feeding)          
   Output: 160-300m3 / h          
   Acetylene extraction rate: ≥ 95%           
   Working pressure: 4-6kpa           
   Working temperature: 60-80 ℃          
   Carbide size: 0-80mm           
   Outlet temperature: ≤ 60 ℃
2. Characteristic:
1) After the second reaction through the main generator and the auxiliary generator, the calcium carbide is completely decomposed and the acetylene extraction rate is high;
2) The cooling and cleaning of acetylene are sufficient, the operating temperature is stable and easy to control;
3) Fully sealed feeding is used, and nitrogen purging and replacing device is provided, hereby the air is not easy to be mixed into the generator, therefore it has good safety    and good operation environment;
4) The closed oscillating screen acetylene generator is interlocked with the gas tank, that is to say, when the gas tank rises to the set position, the oscillating screen of the    generator will stop feeding automatically, when the gas tank falls to the set position, the oscillating screen of the generator will start feeding automatically, which is    easy to realize mechanization and automatic operation, also the labor intensity is low.
5) The range of load regulation is wide, and the productivity can exceed 50% properly;
6) The purity of acetylene gas produced is high;
7) The material is used thoroughly and the size of particulate of Φ 0-80mm can be used.
8) The closed oscillating screen acetylene generator is equipped with a auxiliary generator, which can improve the utilization rate of calcium carbide. The main and auxiliary    generator can avoid the waste of raw materials. The secondary reaction of calcium carbide can make the reaction more sufficient, save costs, reduce gas temperature and make    the operation safer.

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Closed Acetylene Generator

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