• Anhydrous Calcium Chlorine Dryer

Principle of high pressure acetylene oil and water separator
According to the important difference between liquid and gas, the high pressure acetylene oil-water separator makes use of the flow direction and velocity to change the inertia of gas, so that the liquid and gas are separated. After the high-pressure acetylene gas enters the separator from tangential direction, it expands and rotates, so that most of the droplets entering the separator with the gas are thrown to the inner wall of the container under the action of centrifugal force. After centrifugal separation, the acetylene gas moves upward into the inner cylinder filled with porcelain ring. Blocked by the magnetic ring, the flow direction keeps turning and changing, and the speed drops further, further separating the droplets. The separated droplets accumulate at the bottom of the container and are periodically blown off by the blowout valve at the bottom of the oil-water separator.
Anhydrous calcium chloride drying process
After preliminary purification by high pressure acetylene oil and water separator, high pressure acetylene gas enters high pressure dryer through the pipeline to further remove the steam contained in acetylene gas. The dryer is equipped with calcium chloride, high pressure acetylene gas containing water, through three series of high pressure dryer, water is absorbed by calcium chloride, so that acetylene gas reaches to a certain degree of drying.

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Anhydrous Calcium Chlorine Dryer

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