• Acetylene Gas Holder

Parameters of acetylene gas holder: nominal volume:20m3,50m3~100m3

Design pressure: 0.02Mpa

Maximum working pressure: 0.02Mpa

Design temperature: 70℃

Maximum working temperature:40℃

Material name: acetylene gas, water

Function of acetylene gas holder:

Balance the imbalance between the gas production of the generator and the suction capacity of the compressor or the gas consumption of the user within the unit time; stabilize the suction pressure or gas supply pressure of the compressor.

The structure is flume type (wet type) gas storage tank, which is composed of flume, bell, hood and guide rail. The acetylene gas holder is composed of flume, movable tower section (bell jar), overflow device, safety cap, external guide device, internal guide device, counterweight and flume spiral stairs.            

The flume is fixed and filled with water to seal the gas. Each tower section moves up and down. The gas holder has a tower section whose rising height depends on the gas storage capacity in the bell jar. As the gas storage volume increases, the bell jar begins to rise to increase the gas storage space until the bell jar rises to the highest position

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Acetylene Gas Holder

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