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diaphragm compressor

diaphragm compressor

     Diaphragm compressors are named for their distinctive diaphragm that separates the compressed gas from the outside world. 

     Diaphragm compressors are also called "diaphragm compressors."

Diaphragm compressor, the role of the cylinder from a membrane chamber to complete. The so-called membrane cavity is composed of a cylinder head with a dome-shaped surface and a distribution plate (or cylinder) cavity, the periphery of the diaphragm is fastened between the cylinder head and the oil pan (or cylinder). When the diaphragm flexes and deforms up and down, the volume in the diaphragm chamber changes accordingly, which plays the role of suction and compression. Therefore, in the diaphragm compressor, the diaphragm has the function of a piston in a general compressor. The closed cavity between the cylinder head and the diaphragm is the gas cavity, and the cavity sandwiched between the oil pan (or the cylinder) and the diaphragm is the oil cavity.

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