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Compressor common fault treatment

One, the piston compressor pumping capacity is insufficient


1. Suction and exhaust valve leakage

(1) there are metal particles between the valve seat and the valve disc, which cause air leakage due to lax closure, affecting air volume.

(2) the new suction valve spring is too rigid at the beginning, resulting in slow opening; Spring used for a long time, due to fatigue caused by valve opening is not timely, resulting in air leakage.

(3) uneven wear of valve disc and valve seat, resulting in lax sealing and air leakage, affecting air volume.

(4) the suction valve is not enough to rise, speed up the flow and increase the resistance, affecting the air volume.

Elimination method:

(1) disassembly, inspection and cleaning. If the valve cover of the suction valve gets hot, the fault will be on the suction valve, otherwise it will be on the exhaust valve.

(2) check the rigidity of the spring, or replace the appropriate spring.

(3) repair by grinding or replace with new disc and seat.

(4) adjust the lift height and replace the appropriate lift limit ring.

2. Packing leaks

(1) leakage caused by packing or piston rod wear.

(2) insufficient supply of lubricating oil reduces air tightness and causes leakage.

Elimination method:

(1) repair or replace the sealing ring or piston rod.

(2) disassemble and check the suction and exhaust valves. If the air valve is found to be short of oil, the amount of lubricating oil should be increased.

3. Cylinder and piston ring are out of order

(1) cylinder wear (especially unilateral wear) exceeds the maximum allowable limit, and the clearance increases, causing air leakage and affecting air pumping capacity.

(2) piston ring will be bitten to death due to poor lubricating oil quality, insufficient oil quantity and too high temperature inside the cylinder, which will not only affect gas quantity, but also affect pressure.

(3) piston ring wear, resulting in large gap and air leakage.

Elimination method:

(1) repair with boring or grinding method, and replace new cylinder liner if serious.

(2) remove the piston, clean the piston ring or ring groove, change the lubricating oil, and improve the net condition.

(3) replace piston ring.

4. The cylinder clearance volume is too large, reducing the suction volume

Elimination method: adjust cylinder clearance

2, x and increased pressure


1. Air leakage in the suction and discharge volume of the latter stage will inevitably increase the exhaust pressure of the former stage.

2. Insufficient discharge caused by piston ring leakage.

3. Leakage of suction and exhaust valves of this level due to various reasons.

Elimination method:

1. Replace the suction and exhaust valves of the latter stage.

Replace piston ring.

3. Disassemble and check the air valve and take corresponding measures.

Third, a certain level of pressure reduction


1. Leakage of suction and exhaust valves of this level.

2. There is something wrong with the suction and exhaust valves of the higher level, resulting in insufficient displacement and excessive leakage of the first level piston.

3. Internal leakage.

4. High suction resistance.

Elimination method:

1. Check the air valve, replace the damaged parts, check the piston ring and repair.

2. Check the inner leaking parts and take corresponding measures.

3. Check piping and take corresponding measures.

Four, crank link mechanism issued abnormal sound


1. The connecting rod screw is broken, because the connecting rod is screwed too tightly during assembly and bears too much pre-tightening force. During prefabrication, deflection occurs, and the connecting rod screw bears uneven load; Bearing tile (big head tile) in the bearing shake or big head tile and crank pin clearance is too large, so the connecting rod screw bear too large impact load; Insufficient oil supply makes the connecting rod bearing hot, or the piston is stuck, or overload operation, the connecting rod bears too much stress; The material does not meet the requirements. Under the impact of large alternating load, the connecting rod screw breaks due to fatigue.

2. Connecting rod screw, bearing cover screw, cross nut loose will cause noise.

3. Main bearing, connecting rod big head, small head tile, cross head slide, etc.

4. The crankshaft and coupling are loose.

5. The gap between the cross head skateboard and the slide is too large, or the skateboard is loose; Cross pin too tight or broken oil caused by heat, burning.

Elimination method:

1. When assembling connecting rod screws, it should be properly tightened; Or make the connecting rod nut spin and the connecting rod body contact surface closely matches, when necessary USES the colored hair inspection; Fix the big head tile and adjust its gap; Or add fuel. Check piston wear condition; Or replace damaged parts with connecting rod screws that meet the requirements.

2. Tighten.

3. Check and adjust the clearance.

4. Check the oil circuit, increase the oil volume, replace the crossheet pin, tighten the slide plate, and adjust the gap.

5. Abnormal sound is emitted inside the cylinder


1. Bring oil and water into the cylinder to cause water strike.

2. There is something wrong with the air valve.

3. Piston nut is loose, piston is loose.

4. Too little lubricating oil or broken oil will cause cylinder hair pulling.

5. Piston ring broken.

6. Cylinder clearance is too small.

7. Foreign bodies fall into the cylinder.

Elimination method:

1. Reduce oil quantity, improve water separation effect, open oil and water valve regularly.

2. Check and eliminate.

3. Check and tighten.

4. Add oil to repair the hair pulling place.

Replace piston rings.

6. Increase clearance appropriately.

7. Remove foreign bodies.

Cylinder heating


1. Too little or interrupted cooling water.

2. Too little oil supply or interruption.

Elimination method:

1. Check cooling water supply.

2. Check whether the oil pressure of the oil pump is normal, whether the oil circuit is blocked, whether the filter is blocked, and clean it smoothly.

Seven, piston rod packing heat or leakage


1. Too little or interrupted lubricating oil.

2. Improper fit gap between piston rod and packing, resulting in deviation during assembly.

3. The sealing ring is damaged.

Elimination method:

1. Clean and increase oil quantity appropriately.

2. Adjust the gap and reassemble it.

3. Replace the sealing ring.

Heating of sliding way of bearing or cross head


1. The gap between shaft stiffener and bearing shell or cross head and slide is too small.

2. The lamination between the two friction surfaces is not uniform, or when installed, the bearing has deviation, the crosshead has deviation.

3. Insufficient oil supply or no oil supply.

4. Low quality or dirt of lubricating oil.

Elimination method:

Adjust the gap.

2. Scrape and adjust the gap with the coloring method.

3. Check the working condition of oil pump, oil pipe and filter.

4. Change the lubricating oil.

9. Insufficient oil pressure of oil pump or zero


1. There is something wrong with the oil suction valve or the oil suction pipe is blocked.

2. Oil pump shell and packing are not tight and leak oil.

3. Oil filter is blocked.

4. The oil level in the tank is too low.

5. Oil leakage or air leakage inside the pipe.

6. The pressure gauge is blocked and the oil cooler is blocked.

Cleaning method:

1. Check and clean.

2. Inspect the oil pump and remove oil leakage.

3. Cleaning.

4. Replace tubing.

5. Add fuel.

Abnormal vibration of cylinder occurs


1. Improper support or loose gasket.

2. Piping vibration.

3. Foreign matter in cylinder.

Elimination method:

1. Adjust support clearance or gasket.

2. Eliminate piping vibration.

3. Remove foreign bodies.

Eleven, the body has abnormal vibration


1. Excessive slideway clearance of each bearing and crosshead.

2. Cylinder vibration.

3. The joints are not good.

Elimination method:

Adjust the gap.

2. Clear cylinder vibration.

3. Check and adjust.

Abnormal vibration of pipeline


1. The tube is too loose or broken.

2. The support is not rigid enough.

3. Air pulsation causes resonance.

4. High vibration of piping frame.

Elimination method:

1. Tighten or replace.

2. The carton.

3. Change the resonance surface with the preflow hole.

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