Vaporization device

Brand : Jinding

Product origin : Liaoning,China

Delivery time : 10-30 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets / month

Vaporization device


Is divided into two types of air temperature carburetor and water bath carburetor, according to user requirements to create a variety of carburetor.

Working medium: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and so on.

Working pressure: 3.0MPa-16.5MPa

Design temperature: -196 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Amount of vaporization: 50m3 • N / h ~ 2000m3 • N / h

Air temperature carburetor Uses:

The vaporizer is applicable to aluminum star-shaped fin tube air heating vaporizer which is suitable for transporting low-temperature liquefied gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquefied natural gas and the like and the liquid is vaporized into gas and then enters the required gas point for use.


1. This air-cooled vaporizer is a highly efficient and energy-saving product that can save a lot of electricity and steam as opposed to a water bath-type electrically heated vaporizer and a steam-heated water bath vaporizer.

2. The structural features of the carburetor can ensure the normal working pressure of a part under cryogenic temperature, to avoid the seal freezing, good sealing performance, safe, reliable, non-corrosive and long service life.

3. The carburetor has the advantages of compact structure, uniform arrangement, neat appearance and beautiful appearance, and the finned tube adopts the large finned tube.

4. The carburetor all parts of the welding joints are used argon arc welding, neat welds, beautiful, no bony meat, pores and other defects.

5. The carburetor factory, etc. are strictly clean, remove oil, fat, water pressure experiments are done and air tightness test, no leaks, after the pressure was dry with dry nitrogen. The carburetor uses the popular frameless structure.

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