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Hot Sales Pump Mechanical Sealing Forward Water Twist Meter Seal

Hot Sales Pump Mechanical Sealing Forward Water Twist Meter Seal: Now some companies may do a big, the annual sales is very high, but because of its collection is bad, capital takes up rate is high, cause its suppliers of payment is not good, will form the product purchase cost increases, the shortage of cash flow cycle, over time their competitiveness is bound to decline, serious word will be "shuffle".

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2. Development prospect of the industry

Compressor industry after the golden period to competition white-hot stage, enterprise after collapse to create pain, industry as the national policy guidance, the user to select rational return, the product competition, which will be returned to the product performance, reliability and stability as the core of the competition level, the proportion of high-end products, in the number of large and medium-sized enterprises to further expand. The main focus of enterprise competition is as follows.

Forward Water Seal

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1) large-scale enterprises

With the large-scale production of enterprises, their profitability will be enhanced, and their competitiveness will be improved. Therefore, large-scale enterprises are one of the necessary conditions for survival. According to the current scale of China's screw compressor enterprises, in order to form a scale, the annual sales of enterprises should be more than 30,000 (mainly small machine enterprises), the sales of more than 500 million yuan.

2) enterprises with stable quality

The more intense the competition, the higher the requirement of product quality stability. If an enterprise can not control the quality of products, in the shuffle process is bound to be eliminated. Stable quality control is the internal assembly quality control and supplier quality control for assembly enterprises. At present, some enterprises use statistics of the failure rate and after-sales service rate of their machines to measure the quality control of their products.

3) enterprises in good financial condition

Good financial status is mainly reflected in the adequate cash flow as a guarantee, which is often reflected in two aspects: purchase payment status and sales of products fund collection status.

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